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BAT Loves its Donors!

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Did You Know?   Tickets sales usually only cover 40% of the cost of running a theater.

We depend upon the kindness of strangers and friends.  To survive we need cash, in-kind donations, and volunteers.  Burien Actors Theatre is in its 35th season, and it Burien's 65th year of continuous live Theater.  You are what makes that possible.  Today, help by donating as little as $5.00 or enough to buy the house next door to Bill Gates!  The amount you send is not as nearly as important as the fact you make a donation and become a supporter.

Burien Actors Theatre is a not-for-profit (IRS 501(c) (3)) entity.  We are staffed by volunteers 100% of your tax-deductible contribution goes toward the production of the highest quality better live theater, BAT's day-to-day overhead (rent, utilities, office supplies and the like) and capital improvements!

Mail your donations to: BAT, P.O. Box 48121, Burien, WA 98148, or

Donate online when you buy a ticket!  or

Donate online at BAT's secure website:

Burien Actors Theatre's supporters for it's 2014-15 season include:


ARCHANGELS ($10,000.00 or more):


ANGELS (5,000.00 or more):

Aya and Randy Clark

Stephen and Cathy Feldman


BENEFACTORS ($2,000.00 or more):

Anonymous (1)



THESPIANS ($1,000.00 or more):


Boeing - matching grant

PATRONS ($500.00 or more):

Paul & Laura Gould

Terry & Rhonda O'Brien

Daniel Trimble



PRODUCTION PARTNERS ($250.00 or more):

Anonymous (4)

Mark Early & Lolly Bates

Elizabeth A. Heath

Elaine Puderbaugh

Margaret Van Gasken

Scott Wilson



DIRECTOR'S ASSISTANTS ($100.00 or more):

Anonymous (1)

Cynthia Baumgardner

Lance Bowman

Dawn Brazel

George & Ann Counts

George "Boomer" Counts

Clover Ann Clementi

Sybil Davis

Jayne Dehaan

Linda Dougherty

Krista Erickson

Brynne Garmon

John & Eileen Gray

Lance & Laurie Haslund

Ronald & Amy Johnson

Phillip & Rachael Levine

John Lynch

Judith & Felipe Macias

Kat McNeill

Janelle & Jeff Nelson

Marilyn Redmond

John Ruppeck

Joe & Benita Sharp

Neil Stoddard

Ted & Gwynne Taylor

Mack Van Wyk

United Way

Connie & Jim Walker

Tony Wasser

Vera & Leo Werre

David Wilson

Sue & John Woolworth


ASSISTANT STAGE MANAGER  ($50.00 or more):

Anonymous (4)

Gerald Constantino

Ellen Fawcett

Victor & Mildred Fettig

Rochelle & John Flynn

Charlene & Phillip Gearhart

Linet Henry (in honor of Stephen Feldman and Kathy Knowlton)

Fuzz & Julie Hill

James Maddock

Dennis & Rebecca McInteer

Marilyn Michalak

Mary O'Malley

Dennis & Eva Parks

Mary & Richard Springer

Lowells & Renate Wines

Kevin Wright


KEY GRIPS ($25.00 or more):

Sharon Adler

Steve and Maria Balsiger

Jack Block, Jr.

Michael Brunk

Anna & Francis Denton

Adam Hegg

Scott & Phyllis Engstrom

Lisa Grevious

Danielle Sabatka

Lisa Sleeman

Nancy Tosta


JUNIOR GRIPS (up to $25.00):

Anonymous (33)

Brenda Blair

Carol & Eldon Davis

Margery Ellsworth

Vicky Hartley

Richard Kolon

Dorothy Laidig

Virginia Marabetta

Roberta McMahon

Teri Moran

Jane Ryan

Susan Smith

Mark Steinberg

Leon Tabachnick

Patrick Westbrook

Susan Zion


Burien Actors Theatre has also received corporate matching funds from:

 United Way of King County

 The Boeing Company

Check with your employer to see if they will match your gift!

Burien Actors Theatre is part of the BIG GIVE!  Online donation system by ClickandPledge


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